We're live! Trayt rebrands and opens doors for pilot study

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We're delighted to announce that the new Trayt is here! A new name: we've rebranded as Trayt from our former name Ava Health. And our new app, which is now ready for parents and caregivers.

The press release is online here, or you can read all about it below. From all the team here at Trayt: Thanks to all our supporters — we couldn't have done it without you!


Trayt Launches Health App to Improve Quality of Life for People with Autism, ADHD, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Trayt is for parents, caregivers, and physicians who care for people with neurodevelopmental and other brain and behavioral disorders. Trayt’s unique and proprietary approach uncovers connections between the brain, body, and behavior of these patients, and enables more accurate patient assessment, targeted treatments, and improved outcomes that can significantly reduce healthcare costs across the entire system of care.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—October 25, 2017—Malekeh Amini, parent of a child with brain-based disorders, was frustrated by the confusing and often contradictory diagnoses and treatments prescribed by her son’s physicians and therapists. He exhibited several overlapping neurological and non-neurological symptoms that were being treated as independent conditions, with little progress. Amini wondered: what if these different symptoms are connected? Are the different therapies complementing or interfering with each other? How can we formulate individualized treatments based on a patient’s uniquely varied symptoms?

To answer these questions, Amini, along with Carl Feinstein, M.D., formed Ava Health in 2014 to gather data about patients with autism, ADHD, and other brain disorders. Feinstein and Amini envisioned applying Feinstein’s experience as a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University and clinical professor of psychiatry at UC Riverside (California) to create a broadly accessible solution for improving care. His reputation as a widely published specialist in neurodevelopmental disorders, leader of several clinical trials, and a participant in bioinformatics projects focused on autism treatment gives the company a unique perspective on treatment and care.

Today, Ava Health has rebranded as Trayt, and is setting out to improve effectiveness of care and quality of life for patients with these and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The company has just launched the Trayt app, a track-and-map application for parents, caregivers, and physicians that collects and analyzes comprehensive, individualized health data to facilitate a more rapid and relevant response to the daily challenges that confront patients with brain-based disorders. It is available today for parent volunteers who wish to participate in a pilot study to improve the quality of life of their children.

“We are all different, yet the conventions of healthcare often mean that we are treated the same. Trayt unearths what’s unique about each of us by tracking and aggregating observations from parents, other caregivers and physicians, and then analyzing this data to identify specific underlying diseases, reveal causal relationships between two or more chronic conditions, and inform the best treatment for that person,” said Malekeh Amini, CEO and founder of Trayt. “We’ve assembled a team of experts, and partnered with leading clinics to optimize our analytic models. Over larger data sets, we hope to predict how a patient will react to a treatment before it’s even prescribed.”

Feinstein, Trayt’s chief medical officer, sees parents of these kids as valuable allies in ensuring patient-centered outcomes. “As a physician, I have experienced the frustration of parents with the fragmentation of care they receive from a variety of specialists, the failure to integrate the medical with the behavioral aspects of their children’s problems, and the frequent failure of care providers to target for treatment the symptoms that parents identify as the most urgent. Parents should be in the driver’s seat in championing the personalized care of their children. It is our job to support them in doing this, with all the means at our disposal.”

Trayt translates the true you — fueling the quest for personalized medicine
Trayt is the culmination of years of research and embodies a unique and proprietary approach to better understand the underlying causes of autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Looking at the entire person, rather than just a specific aspect of the person or an individual symptom, yields more accurate assessments of these disorders, targeted treatments, and improved outcomes for patients.

The Trayt app guides parents and caregivers to measure a patient’s symptoms in terms of intensity, frequency, and duration. Trayt then analyzes the data and provides progress reports and personalized, actionable information through a simple dashboard. Working behind the scenes, Trayt’s analytic engine delivers patient insights and recommendations that provide a daily roadmap to improve long-term health, and keeps physicians and therapists up to date on the patient’s progress. For the next few months, however, signing up parents is the team’s top priority.

“The parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders are an invaluable source of information that hasn’t been listened to nearly enough. Collecting patient-reported outcomes is crucial to improving treatment,” added Malekeh. “Not only will it lead to improved outcomes in the present, it will also greatly facilitate coordination of care between parents, doctors, and other care providers. In the future, the outcomes data collected from the ongoing treatment of large numbers of these patients will lead to an improved evidence base for all, based on the science of bioinformatics.”

To learn more, watch the Trayt video: https://vimeo.com/231226936
To participate in the initial pilot study, visit the Trayt sign-up page.

About Trayt Inc.
Trayt is a patient-centric data analytics company that is improving diagnosis, treatments and quality of life for patients with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental and brain disorders by creating tools to measure efficacy of all interventions, and by engaging the entire system of care to continuously track, measure, and share behavioral and medical outcomes. Trayt is one of 50 companies selected to participate in the 2017 MedTech Innovator Showcase. For more information, visit http://trayt.io.