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Comorbidity is the Rule, Not the Exception

Trayt is an enterprise software company for healthcare that improves diagnosis, treatments and outcomes in patients with brain-based disorders including Autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addiction disorders, among others. Trayt's vision is to improve outcomes by arming clinicians with the data necessary to make the right decision on diagnosis and treatments in brain disorders. We do this by creating tools to measure efficacy of all interventions and by engaging the entire system of care to continuously track, measure and share behavioral and medical outcomes.



For Clinicians

Clinicians make some of the most important diagnosis and treatment decisions, yet they are often not part of the day-to-day care team. Our platform enhances collaboration and allows you to optimize treatments, intervene early, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

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  • Comprehensive, continuous patient-reported and standardized assessments in one platform.

  • Real-time access and curated reports for patients’ symptom outcomes and treatment adherence.


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For Caregivers

You are the central point of care for the patient.
Trayt provides you with the tools to improve the patient's health and quality of life.

Trayt’s approach realizes that different diseases affect each other and that these diseases should be looked at and treated together, not independently. We also help identify factors that may seem unrelated to primary symptoms, but are impacting a patient’s overall progress.

  • Track outcomes and identify triggers by understanding the interplay of symptoms across the mind and body, the environment, family history, and treatments.

  • Share this data with the rest of the care team such as patient’s clinicians, therapists, and other care providers.

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Meet the Team


Malekeh Amini, MBA
Founder, CEO

“My first-hand experience with healthcare challenges started when my son was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2010.  I had access to the best medical centers, yet I walked away with a sense of loss, loneliness, and overwhelming pressure, unsure whether I was prepared to adequately care for my son."

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Malekeh Amini is a veteran in the healthcare industry. Prior to Trayt, Malekeh was the Senior Vice President of Product & Business Development at Base Health and a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and the Parthenon Group. Malekeh also served on the fundraising Board of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  She currently serves on the Board of the Wings Learning Center in Redwood City, CA.

Malekeh has an M.B.A. from Harvard University. She earned bachelor’s degrees in communications and computer science and master’s in Engineering at University of Southern California. 

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Carl Feinstein, M.D. 
Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

"I have dedicated most of my life to helping children with autism receive the best care possible."

Carl is a Professor Emeritus in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stanford University and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UC Riverside School of Medicine.

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Prior to joining Trayt, Carl was the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stanford and he founded and directed the Stanford Autism Center.

Carl is Board Certified in Psychiatry and in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 


Hitesh Kalra

“My first-hand experience with healthcare challenges started when my son displayed early symptoms of sensory processing issues, high functioning autism and ADHD. The chaotic journey of discovering that there might be something ‘different’ about him 3 years ago to the first IEP meeting led me to take matters in my own hands. My mission is to change the way the world treats Autism and other neurodevelopment disorders by making it more data-driven, predictable and personalized.”

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Hitesh brings over 17 years of engineering and start up experience to Trayt. He was the Chief Architect and Vice President of Engineering at Stringify - an IoT Platform company. As part of the founding team, he was responsible for executing on the company vision and taking the product from concept to launch through several major releases.

As the Chief Architect of Symantec’s SSL business, Hitesh was responsible for the design and implementation of a highly distributed, reliable, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. 

Hitesh has held engineering management positions at various startups including SenseIQ which he co-founded in 2006.

Hitesh earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University’s Honor’s College.


Kari Giberson
Software Engineer, Manager

“I am deeply fascinated by technology’s potential to help us understand and improve our health and well-being. ”

After completing her degree in Human Biology from Stanford, Kari found her way into the coding world by way of Dev Bootcamp. Her work at Trayt has given her a unique chance to bridge her interest in healthcare with her love for coding. 

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Kari’s excited about a future in which Trayt’s widespread adoption creates more meaningful relationships between patients and their clinicians.


Walter Wan
Software Engineer

“I am interested in the development of machine learning and its application in helping doctors provide better treatments for patients. My mission is to help build the infrastructure for collecting brain health data so doctors can make data-driven, predictable and personalized treatments for patient.”

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Walter earned his Master degree in aerospace engineering at UC Irvine. While he was there, him and a team of grad students developed a trajectory simulation software for NASA. He was responsible for building a Earth-Moon gravitational model and numerical computation tools for calculating interplanetary trajectories and designing graphical user interface.

During that project, Walter discovered his fascination and passion for software development. This was only confirmed during his time as a freelance web developer and his experience developing a mobile web app for Google to gamify the collection of spatial language data which Google plans to use for their AI research.


Eric Saltzman
Co-founder, COO

“My first-hand experience with the challenges of finding effective treatment and care for people with neurodevelopmental disorders began when my daughter started having trouble managing her schoolwork and found it difficult to focus during classes. Accurately diagnosing the multiple underlying causes of her struggles and identifying the best treatment options for her unique circumstances was frustrating and inefficient, and often led to suboptimal outcomes.”

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Eric brings over 25 years of executive level experience in finance, operations and business development to Trayt. Most recently, he was CFO/COO of EcoFactor, an IoT company using big data analytics to optimize home energy usage. Prior to EcoFactor, Eric held CFO positions at PSS Systems, Vendavo, Qualys, and TimesTen, and was CFO/COO of Cygent. At each of these companies Eric worked closely with the CEO to raise multiple rounds of venture financing. His tenure at Qualys, a leading provider of on-demand vulnerability management and policy compliance solutions, provided significant experience in managing a rapidly growing SaaS business. Prior to these positions, Eric was CFO at Electronics for Imaging, Inc., a public company, where he also held additional executive roles and helped lead the company through a six-year period during which revenue increased from $89 million to $570 million and the company achieved a peak market capitalization of over $3 billion.

Eric holds a J.D. from Stanford University Law School and a B.A. from Swarthmore College.


Yasamin Vafai
Research Analyst, Clinical Liaison

“So much of my life I’ve heard the misconception about how mental and physical health are separate. I was thrilled to find a company that realized the integration of the two and was actively doing something to capture these comorbidities and improve health.”

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Yasamin earned her bachelor's in cognitive science at UC Berkeley. She has a depth of experience working in clinical settings and with children with cognitive difficulties both inside and outside the clinic.

Yasamin is excited to bring together her studies and experiences while working with the incredible team at Trayt to work towards improving health outcomes for folks with brain-based disorders.


Shawn Salat
Software Engineer

“A class I took on child development changed me down to my core philosophy as I learned just how important the early years of development were in determining later success in life. I feel that doing anything I can that improves the outcomes of children in those important times truly makes the world a better place and can lessen the suffering of many.”

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Shawn had been working sales for a year when he realized that a more fulfilling career was possible if he put that same amount of determination, tenacity, and focus into becoming an amazing software engineer.

He moved to his dream city of San Francisco and attended App Academy, one of the top engineering bootcamps in the country, aiming to master everything he could get his hands on, often studying or working on projects for 16 hours a day for 4 months.

Shortly after graduating, Shawn interviewed at Trayt where he felt like his goals were aligned with the team and he clicked immediately with everyone. The rest is history!


Maddie Vagadori
Research Associate

“What struck me from the very beginning was the incredible scope and versatility of the Trayt mission. I truly felt that this was a company that recognized that no two people have the same mental health experience, and was therefore striving to serve the inherent diversity of the communities in which we live. I felt that all mental health experiences, whether my own, a family member's, or any one else's, were held to the same level of import as the foundations of the Trayt product were conceived.”

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Maddie is a senior at Georgetown University in Washington DC double majoring in Arabic and Government. She’s been with Trayt since 2016 and has loved being involved in so many different parts of building such an amazing company and product.

Other than her work at Trayt, Maddie also works on Media and Communications for TechWadi.org and is the Web Editor for the Middle East Pedagogy Project under the Arab Studies Institute.


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Trayt in the News

Meet the tech company trying to improve treatment of autism and other childhood brain disorders

SF Business Times [July 2018] - The Redwood City company's software takes a wider look, tapping a variety of sources including real-time sensor data, to try to map out treatments for neurological disorders.

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